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This Master’s degree specialization in Marketing is taught by top specialists with an international reputation. Courses are of a high standard, and high standards are also expected of students. Most courses focus not only on theory, but also on how it is applied in practice in many different ways. Students are often asked to present a practical solution to a problem. There are also plenty of opportunities for studying abroad, and the programme is an ideal foundation for a career in marketing.

Insight into consumer behaviour is indispensable, and so is knowledge of the strategies and instruments that can be used to identify consumer needs and serve the market. Which internal and external processes are required to meet these goals? What will the product or service look like? What is the best way to communicate with the market? Which distribution channels should be used? And what about pricing policy? These issues are dealt with in the Master’s degree specialization in Marketing. Students analyze consumer markets and business markets, and the markets for goods and services. The focus will be on profit-making organizations, but the public sector and non-profit-making organizations will also be studied.

N.B Since all our programmes starting in 2012-2013 are in the final stages of renewal, the information about both compulsory and elective courses is still subject to change. No rights whatsoever can be derived from these course overviews. The final information will be available in spring 2012.

Career prospects
Students who graduate with a Master’s degree in Marketing are highly employable and career openings exist in many different types of organization.

More and more organizations are discovering the importance of marketing, and offer career perspectives for Marketing graduates in addition to organizations that have traditionally used marketing methods. Some actual examples are:

Customer relations manager
Product or brand manager
Market researcher in research and consultancy companies
Market intelligence expert or database analyst
Trainee research assistant at a university
4-year PhD programme

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