Management, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences

2 Jahre
1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
BSc in health sciences or life sciences or equivalent.
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Application deadline: 1 May (1 April if you want to use the housing options of the VU)
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Science for solving society's complex problems

New biomedical innovations in a world that is becoming ever more complex give rise to a wide range of ethical, legal and social questions and dilemmas. Is the new whooping-cough vaccine better than the old one? How can we control Q fever?

How should we implement notions of patient-centred care? What will be the impact of developments in genomics on basic health insurance? Providing the best possible answers to these questions calls for cooperation between several disciplines and actors in society, from government, industry and social institutions to consumers and patients. The Master’s programme offers the ideal opportunity to specialize in this fascinating area of research where a wide range of disciplines meet.


To obtain the annotation for a certain specialization on your Master’s degree certificate, you need to obtain at least 12 ECTS from courses specific to your chosen specialization. You are also required to write your thesis (9 ECTS) and conduct at least one of your internships (30 ECTS) within this specialization.

All specializations for this Master are

  • Health and Life Sciences-based Policy
  • Health and Life Sciences-based Management and Entrepreneurship
  • International Public Health
  • Science and Communication

Career prospects

Having completed the Master's programme in Management Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in the Health and Life Sciences, your career prospects will be very promising. They will, of course, vary depending on your chosen specialization.
With a Policy specialization, your career opportunities will include policy preparation with a government department or a range of public health organizations, or a post as a university researcher.
The Management and Entrepreneurship specialization will prepare you for a career at a pharmaceutical company, for example as a clinical research assistant or an advisor. You will also be in a good position to set up your own business.
The International Public Health specialization will prepare you for a career at a university, ministry, NGO or international organization.

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