Human Resource Management

1 Jahre
1. September (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
Allgemeine Hochschulreife

Hinweis: Deadline for application:

1st December for applicants who wish to apply for a scholarship
1st May for all other students

General information
The objective is to enable students to function within multidisciplinary management teams. In the Master’s degree programme, attention is paid to both the primary process of balancing labour supply and demand and to the context within which this process occurs. After all, the primary process is not limited to an organisation as a closed system. Developments in the environment and an organisation’s business strategy determine the strategy with respect to HRM. This is why, in addition, much attention is paid to relevant topics such as the internationalisation of business, technological developments, social and cultural change, new patterns of organisation, legislation and the role of the state, the rise of new concepts of production and the like.

Career prospects
Starting positions such as personnel management employee, personnel adviser, training coordinator, recruitment & selection manager, Working Conditions Act management staff, labour & organization specialist for a Working Conditions Act agency. Moreover, the student can advance to more strategic functions. Once the theoretical profile has been completed, the student can also pursue an academic career.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, Economics, Law, Sociology or Psychology, with modules in Organization Studies and HRM
Proficiency in English: TOEFL92 (iBT)/237 (CBT)/580 (PBT) or IELTS 6.5
GMAT: score 600 or higher -> you will be automatically accepted, provided you meet all other requirements; score 500 or higher -> the final desicion will be taken by the Board of Admissions.

Tel.: 0031 50 363 2711

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