Business Administration

1 Jahre
1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
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Deadline for application:
1st December for applicants who wish to apply for a scholarship
1st May for all other students
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Nine specializations: Business Development, Business & ICT, Change Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chains, Strategy & Innovation, Organizational & Management Control, Small Business & Entrepreneurship.
There is a pre-Master programme for students from Dutch HBO programmes as well as for students with a Bachelor degree that does not qualify for direct admission to the MSc.

Accredition: Accredited by the Dutch Government

General Information:

Business Development: This programme revolves around the question ‘How can a business or institution best develop a new product and place it in the market?’ A combination of two crucial business issues is needed to answer this question – product development and market development.
Business & ICT: Business & ICT will teach students a versatile perspective on the many ways in which companies change under the influence of ICT and vice versa.
Change management: You will gain insight into the processes behind change, the impact that changes may have on an organization and its members, and the role you will play in this, for example as a manager or as an internal or external consultant. More specifically, you will learn the management and organizational knowledge you need to plan, evaluate and modify change processes in organizations.
Finance: The Master’s degree specialization in Finance provides you with broad expertise in the financial and economic aspects of business economics at an academic level.
Marketing:The Master’s degree specialization Marketing comprises two profiles: Marketing Management and Marketing Research. The Marketing specialization concentrates on the methods that companies can use to meet the wishes and requirements of consumers in the relevant market segment.
Operations & Supply Chains: You will learn how to select the best options for structuring, organizing and planning production, distribution and services, by focusing on, for example, improvements to quality, reliability of delivery, and flexibility.
Organizational & Management Control:You will learn to understand how organizations are managed and controlled. The programme focuses on (financial) information gathering and decision-making against the background of the organizations within which these processes occur, the plans for the future of such organizations and the people involved
Small Business & Entrepreneurship: This Master’s profile examines the specific characteristics of smaller companies. It will also pay attention to advice in general and for SMEs in particular.
Strategy & Innovation: The Master’s degree specialization in Strategy & Innovation prepares students for the strategic challenges of today’s knowledge-based economy. The programme provides insights into the main strategy theories and concepts for managing non-technical innovation.
Career prospects
Graduates from the MScBA are academic professionals within their specialization. They will be able to perform independent research in that field and to apply their specialized knowledge and skills as a professional on a high international level.


- Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies or Economics, covering different core disciplines in business administration, including modules in the area of the specialization.
- Proficiency in English: TOEFL92 (iBT)/237 (CBT)/580 (PBT) or IELTS 6.5
- GMAT: score 600 or higher -> you will be automatically accepted, provided you meet all other requirements; score 500 or higher -> the final desicion will be taken by the Board of Admissions.

Tel.: 0031 50 363 2711

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