Business Administration: Specialization in Strategy & Organization

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Strategizing in a changing world: globalization, collaboration and transformation
In the 21st century, organizations aiming to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage need to achieve global efficiency and local responsiveness, while embracing creative solutions and worldwide learning. The Master’s specialization in Strategy & Organization focuses on these management challenges and is built around the next topics:

How can organizations successfully prepare, design and manage their international business activities? Topics include corporate strategizing and the design of multinational enterprises, diversification strategies, multi-market competition, downsizing, offshoring and nearshoring, re-locating production facilities and headquarters, and other issues concerning corporate strategy.

Connected world
How can organizations successfully establish and manage interorganizational collaborative relations, including alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic networks? Topics include management decisions to form, manage, and evaluate strategic alliances, pre-merger & post-merger activities, acquisition strategies, and the design and management of strategic networks as a means to gain competitive advantage.

The Master’s specialization in Strategy & Organization is a one-year programme worth 60 credits. The curriculum is divided into six periods and consists of courses focusing on key topics, research methods and business ethics. You are free to take a number of optional subjects and you can count on expert supervision to help you complete your Master’s thesis.

Period 1 focuses on the challenges of international management and the strategic design and control of organizations. By using a case analysis to explore these challenges, you discover how to make strategic decisions yourself.

Period 2 gives you the opportunity to study these issues in greater depth. For instance, you examine how organizations use boundary-spanning activities, such as alliances, mergers and acquisitions, to obtain and sustain their competitive advantage. In this period, you also have the opportunity to select an optional course of your choice.

In Period 3 you become acquainted with ethical issues in business and a variety of research methods. These courses help prepare you to design and conduct qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Period 4 enables you to further develop your research skills. Moreover, it features a course on strategic and organizational change, offering you a dynamic perspective on strategy and organization. In addition, you will write a research proposal that forms the basis for your Master’s thesis.

In Periods 5 and 6 you will conduct your empirical research and write your Master’s thesis. You may also take another optional course in Period 5.

Career prospects
Having successfully completed the Master’s specialization in Strategy & Organization, you will be well-equipped to follow a range of promising career paths. Our graduates have embarked on careers as junior consultants with renowned consultancy firms and as business analysts for organizations operating in a variety of industries. Others have set up their own businesses or obtained management positions with multinational companies.

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