Business Administration: Specialization in Human Resource Management

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Managing the very heart of an organization
The Master’s specialization in Human Resource Management addresses the personnel process in organizations, from recruitment and selection to promotion, transfers and departures. The programme’s focus is on the development and control of the human factor in a working context that is becoming increasingly diverse.

If you take the Master’s specialization in HRM, you will be awarded a degree in Business Administration, but you will specialize in processes of personnel performance and human development. This will not only prepare you for a career in human resources, but also as a management trainee or business consultant. The knowledge you acquire will enable you to develop and apply theoretical ideas, while your problem-solving skills will make you effective in all kinds of new or unfamiliar multidisciplinary contexts.

Viewing personnel processes in the context of a real organization with existing structure, strategic position, logistic systems and so on, the HRM specialization takes other business processes into account, drawing on a variety of disciplines, including psychology, law and economics. There is also an emphasis on formulating and corroborating judgments that are informed by ethical considerations. In the field of human resources, the ability to communicate and apply analyses and actions to specialists and non-specialists alike is essential.

The Master’s specialization in Human Resource Management at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is structured around three key human resource processes and contemporary issues:
  • Employee commitment and development: the extent to which employees feel committed to their employer, their own performance and developing their own job-related knowledge and skills. This is discussed in the Careers & Organizations course.
  • Managing and controlling performance: the HRM-related models and tools used to measure and manage employee performance. This is the focus of the Performance Management & Control course.
  • Managing organizational diversity: a key issue for many employers and employees today. This is the focus of the Diversity in Organizations course.

The Master’s thesis enables you to apply what you have learned about HRM (and Business Administration in general) to an empirical study of an
HRM-related business issue. Your thesis will be based on a research project in which you will collect quantitative and/or qualitative data to answer your own research question on a Human Resource Management topic.
Career prospects
As a graduate of the Master’s specialization in Human Resource manager you will probably find a job as
  • a human resource manager
  • a consultant (possibly with a specialization in HRM-related issues)
  • a manager or management trainee.

Having successfully completed the Master’s specialization in Human Resource Management, you will enter the job market as a graduate in Business Administration with a specialist knowledge of human resource performance and development. As such, you will be extremely well qualified to pursue a career in HRM, but many other opportunities will also be open to you, for example in general management or consultancy. The Master’s specialization in HRM adds a critical, contemporary, and (most importantly) comparative component to your general Business Administration knowledge and skills. In other words, after finishing this Master’s specialization, you will be able to understand and manage the very heart of an organization: its human resources.

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