Mediterranean Archaeology

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Material culture and cultural interconnections in the Mediterranean.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers an excellent research and teaching environment in the field of Mediterranean archaeology, with special emphasis on (early) Roman and (colonial) Greek archaeology, and Italian and Aegean Pre- and Protohistory. Our staff includes specialists in burial, ritual, settlement and landscape archaeology who work together closely with colleagues from Ancient Studies, History, Classics and heritage studies. We combine a research interest in Mediterranean interconnectivity with a strong tradition in regional archaeology.

Fieldwork opportunities open to VU MA students are varied, ranging from excavations in the heart of Rome, on the Greek island of Euboea and in Turkey, to field surveys and landscape analysis in the rugged hills of southern Italy and Greece.

The Master track Mediterranean Archaeology combines two specialisations:

Issues of objects and peoples
This specialization deals with material culture, whereby the in-depth analysis of different facets of pottery or material from burials and sanctuaries counts as an introduction for learning more about humans and the past. The themes of the teaching modules closely interlink with the fieldwork of the UvA and the VU. The results from the field, but also from own laboratory research are dealt with in the modules.

In Issues of objects and peoples different aspects of material culture will be discussed: from technique and style to the social role of objects and buildings. This specialization includes aspects from material culture studies, material sciences and museum archaeology.

Mediterranean interconnections
This specialization explores the Mediterranean in the broadest sense. By doing so, it links up with the current discussion about interconnections and cultural exchanges within the Mediterranean from 2000 B.C. onwards. The themes of the teaching modules interlink with fieldwork and other UvA/VU research projects such as the archaeology of exchanges, archaeology and the world of the Homeric epics, interaction between Greek colonists and the indigenous population in southern Italy, and integration processes within the Roman Empire.

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