Latin American Studies

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1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
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In the master’s programme in Latin American Studies at Leiden University you will focus on key social, political, linguistic and cultural developments which are currently shaping the complex reality of Latin America.

During the programme you will learn to understand the here and now of this region by paying attention to the most recent academic discussions.

Choose Latin American Studies at Leiden University

• Gain expertise from the diverse perspectives of a wide range of academic disciplines such as modern history, literature, and linguistics, as well as the social sciences,
• Immerse yourself into the current reality of Latin America through Spanish-taught lectures. This allows you to use present-day Latin American sources and documents on a wide range of topics.
• Conduct individual field work research for your final thesis in a Latin American country of your choice.
• Learn from scholars based in Latin America through the department’s long-existing contacts with academic centres and scholars in most Latin American countries.

All this makes the programme unique in the Netherlands and abroad, attracting very motivated students from a wide variety of, among other, European and Latin American countries.

You can choose from three disciplinary tracks:
• Public Policies in Latin America
• Cultural Analysis in Latin America
• Language Variation and Bilingualism

Due to the department’s long tradition of research and teaching at Leiden University, the staff has built up a well-established international reputation.

The programme also maintains a broad network of active contacts throughout Latin America, capable of offering you support during your research period. You will have the possibility to carry out research at various locations, including:

• Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

• Universidade de Sao Paulo
• Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
• Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul
• Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

• Universidad de Chile
• Universidad Diego Portales
• Universidad de Santiago de Chile

• Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
• Colegio de México
• Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia
• Universidad Iberoamericana

But we also offer possibilities in many other Latin American countries.

Career opportunities:
As a graduate of the Master’s programme in Latin American Studies, your skill set will be of value within Editorial business, Cultural organisations, Education sector, Translation centers, Tourism sector, Documentation and information processing, Development sector, Embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, semi- governmental and nonprofit organizations with focus on Latin America. It also possible to pursue a PhD. position.

• Teaching and PhD research
• Non-governmental organisations
• Agencies for International Cooperation
• Firms with operations in Latin America
• Latin American Embassies
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Marketing and management
• Public relations
• Journalism and translation
• Editorial work
• Teacher training in Spanish

If you are interested in a career in teaching, you can apply for the Dutch taught teacher-training MA at the ICLON Graduate School of Education after graduating from the master’s programme. To be admitted, you need to have a degree in both a master’s ánd bachelor’s in this specific discipline or a closely related programme. You have to speak fluent Dutch to follow the course, and there are some additional entry requirements.

Some figures about graduates of Latin American Studies

How successful are they in finding a job?

100 % found a job within six months.
63 % found their first job at professional or university level.
82 % held a position at professional or university level when the study was carried out.

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