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tuition fee: 2015/2016- €1,951 (EU students) (Excluding Europaeum programme European History and Civilisation: Leiden-Oxford-Paris Programme- +/- €5000.)
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• Ancient History
• Archival Studies
• Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence
• Colonial and Global History
• Europaeum programme European History and Civilisation: Leiden-Oxford-Paris Programme
• Europe 1000-1800
• Political Culture and National Identities

The Leiden University Institute for History has a broad and wide-reaching academic scope. The Master’s Programme in History is an accurate reflection of this academic range and offers you the chance to obtain a degree based on your own particular interests and ambitions. To enable you to pursue your own interests as much as possible, the various specialisations have a thematic focus. Within these specialisations there are also possibilities to concentrate on Maritime History, Political Debate or Economic History.

Its strong international orientation and focus on the study of European and non-European history in a global context gives the Leiden MA in History a unique character in the Netherlands. The wide range of chairs in history which include most European and non-European areas, combined with the unique archive material available in Leiden University and in nearby The Hague facilitates a study of nearly all areas of the world.

Reasons to choose History in Leiden
The Leiden University History department has a very committed teaching staff. Students consistently give the highest grades to their lecturers and professors in their course evaluations, Moreover, MA courses are given in small groups, enabling personal attention to the individual student.

The Leiden History department has a broad and well balanced range of chairs in:
• Ancient History
• Medieval History
• Dutch History
• Early Modern History
• Contemporary History
• American History
• Maritime History
• Social History
• Economic History

Adjacent departments in the Faculty of Humanities have chairs in Latin American, African, Turkish, Indonesian, Indian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese History, enabling students to study Dutch, European and non-European history in a global context.

Leiden University is close to The Hague, not only the seat of the national library and the national archives, but also the centre of government, politics and international organisations. Leiden University probably offers the best opportunity to explore this world, study it, find trainee posts and eventually jobs. Even in our age of internet and globalisation, real distances still matter.

Leiden University has a long tradition in the history of European expansion. Today, this tradition is still flourishing but in a new form, as the history of globalisation and migration, while still maintaining Leiden’s old expertise in the history of Asia and making use of the unique archives in Leiden and The Hague.

Career opportunities:
Alumni of the MA in History can be found in almost every sector of the employment market. Many graduates work for public services, while research, business services, banking and financial services, communications and teaching are also increasingly popular. You will also be qualified to carry out advisory work, policy development, management, co-ordination, editing and information services.

Recent graduates are working with companies such as Achmea, Sdu Uitgevers, VPRO/NOS, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Leiden University.

Teacher training
If you are interested in a career in teaching, you can apply for the Dutch taught teacher-training MA at the ICLON Graduate School of Education after graduating from the master’s programme. To be admitted, you need to have a degree in both a master’s ánd bachelor’s in this specific discipline or a closely related programme. You have to speak fluent Dutch to follow the course, and there are some additional entry requirements.

Some figures about graduates of History

How successful are they in finding a job?

85 % found a job within six months.
80 % found their first job at academic or HBO (higher professional) level.
92 % held a position at academic or HBO level when the study was carried out.

contact person: International Studyline
phone.: 071 527 11 11
e-mail: study@bb.leidenuniv.nl
website: en.mastersinleiden.nl

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