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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, faculty of Humanities, is the only faculty in Europe that, departing from a spatial perspective, offers an interdisciplinary programme problematizing the tensions between maintenance, memory and renewal in the transformation of heritage. The interdisciplinary approach leads to new insights in the opportunities to give heritage a position in spatial planning processes that will determine the future appearance of European cities and regions.

Most people find heritage essential as a carrier of their environment and consider it an unmistakable part of culture. They see a connection between the visual and material features of objects, ensembles and structures, and the people as their creators and rememberers. This connection can be strengthened by the dissemination of knowledge, access to space and memory cultures, documenting, presenting. These actions can be worthwhile as such, but also in complex transformation processes, in which remembrance, business, governance and policy are at stake. It may even be that not all memories and remembrance events are welcome, but need to be integrated. The landscape of memory is freckled with obstacles and contested sites.

The spatial and memory approach is the general denominator of the international master Heritage Studies. Space is understood as a visually and socially localized entity and as such a deposit of old(er) historical layers and historical (sometimes painful) events. Memory is fused with sites or stored in institutions, nations, groups or individuals.

The programme
The master Heritage Studies offers a one year programme of 60 ECTS. Education consists of combinations of lectures and workshops, including much space for debates. A special addition are lectures on location with visits to projects, institutions, landscapes or cities. In view of heritage practice also lectures are given by experts from the working field. The examination forms are verbal and oral and individual commissions like presentations and essays are often part of exams. The student finishes his master study with a thesis.

Career prospects
Once you have your diploma in Heritage Studies you are suitable as an expert to negotiate with designers, planners, board members, politicians, entrepreneurs and other decision makers. In the national, provincial and municipal government bodies and stakeholders in the market are in search of highly educated professionals who contribute heritage knowledge in societal issues, policy matters and design questions in the spatial arena.

There is also a need for experts who follow governance and policy in spatial planning with their critical intellectual observations and who can found or formulate alternative policies in a scientific manner, integrating heritage and memory in plans for the future spatial organisation of European countries. 

And of course heritage experts are wanted in the institutions for the protection and conservation of buildings and sites which is oriented towards valuation, selection and protection of heritage objects and complexes.

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