Medical Natural Sciences

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Natural sciences and medicine united
The Master’s programme in Medical Natural Sciences is a multidisciplinary programme that combines natural sciences with medicine. This combination will introduce you to innovative ways of conducting medical research. A multidisciplinary background like this will equip you perfectly for tomorrow’s approaches to medical research, in all their complexity.

As a Master’s student, you will choose one specialization: Medical Physics, Medical Physiology, Molecular Clinical Diagnostics or Physics of Life. Each specialization has its own specific focus within the medical world. Medical Physics focuses on the technological issues behind modern medical instrumentation. Medical Physiology examines clinical approaches to the treatment of life-threatening diseases. Molecular Clinical Diagnostics studies the role of biomarkers in clinical chemistry, while Physics of Life explores fundamental physical and chemical phenomena that are relevant to a better understanding of living organisms.

The Master’s programme in Medical Natural Sciences is a unique opportunity for students who want to combine scientific subjects with practical application. Market research suggests that, as a graduate of this programme, you can look forward to a bright future. For example, you will be able to:

  • Develop new possibilities and techniques for medical diagnosis and treatment;
  • Research ways of using laser technology to treat various diseases;
  • Work on clarifying the molecular basis of various diseases.
Career prospects
A Master’s degree in Medical Natural Sciences means you will be able to work in clinics, medical research institutes or for biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. If you decide to specialize further as a clinical physicist, clinical chemist or clinical computer scientist, a Master's degree will entitle you to take part in the postgraduate programme you need to achieve your goal. And there are professional Master's programmes in medical natural scientific subjects, such as toxicology.

Graduates in Medical Natural Sciences enjoy highly favourable career prospects, partly due to the speed at which technology in the field of genetics, bio-informatics, pharmacy and molecular research is developing. Another reason concerns recent developments relating to social issues, such as the ageing population and efficient healthcare. There is a growing demand for specialists equipped to work in an interdisciplinary environment.
Continuing your studies
After completing your Master's programme, you can conduct PhD research at a university. Graduates with excellent grades can apply for one of our PhD student positions. This is normally awarded for four years, during which the student is expected to complete a research project. The main task of a PhD student is to conduct research resulting in a thesis.

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