Health Sciences: specialization in Policy and Organisation of Health Care

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1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
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Healthcare is under threat. Can current levels of healthcare be maintained while allowing the economy to grow? Can access to healthcare in the future be guaranteed for those who need it most? Should costly new treatments be covered? 

Health policy defines a vision for the future, it outlines priorities and the expected roles of different groups, and it creates a foundation for the required policies. 

In this specialization students will learn what can be done to optimize a health system such as the Dutch health system. Students will learn the economics of healthcare provision, the selection of treatments to cover with insurance. Moreover, the specialization allows students to study the science of policymaking and organization of healthcare. This provides an insight into the perspectives of providers, purchasers, patients and authorities. Another optional course is Dutch health law, which deals with all the laws that govern the participants in the Dutch healthcare system. 

Students with an interest in management are offered a course in healthcare management with theory and management assignments. Alternatively, students with an interest in quantitative research are offered a course in advanced statistics that will allow them to pursue a carrier in research. 


Healthcare cost containment, equitable access to healthcare, efficient production of healthcare, patient oriented healthcare, providing and purchasing healthcare, policy-analysis of healthcare, organization of healthcare, health law, healthcare management, quantitative research.

Job Perspective

Most of our students get a job in health policy an academic level within months after finishing their study. Students typically find a job at their internship provider or similar organization (healthcare insurers, providers, authorities and consultancies) and about 15 percent enter a PhD-position.


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
De Boelelaan 1085, room O-543 
1081 HV Amsterdam

Dr. Xander Koolman


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