Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

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Understand and model uncertainty with mathematics tools
Stochastics examines phenomena in which chance plays a central role, such as the result of a general election, fluctuations in share prices or the interactions between
molecules in a living cell. If you opt for the Master’s programme in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics, you will be trained to become a world-class expert in both theory and relevant areas of application. The Master’s programme in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam trains you in the full depth and breadth of the field, expanding your abilities and insights and enhancing your opportunities on the job market.

The programme
The Master’s programme in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics is a two-year programme, divided into four semesters. The last semester you will dedicate to the master project, which is either a research project or an external project.

During the first semester, you will take the only compulsory course: Measure Theoretic Probability. This forms the foundation for the more advanced subjects to come. Each year the department provides a list of recommended courses from which you will select four or five subjects each semester. Some examples of subjects offered are:

  • Mathematical Statistics 
  • Stochastic Integration 
  • Percolation Theory 
  • Interest Rate Models 
  • Stochastic Processes 
  • Stochastics Optimization Ergodic Theory 

In consultation with the staff, it may be possible to substitute some of the recommended courses with certain other relevant mathematical modules, such as Partial Differential Equations or Functional Analysis.

Career prospects

A Master's degree in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics will be a great asset to you in finding employment in the business world, especially with major financial institutions. Employers may be:

  • Banks 
  • Insurance companies 
  • Actuarial consultancies 
  • Forensic institutes 
  • Statistical or planning agencies 
  • Railway companies 
  • Telecommunications companies

Many students embark on a career path in which they do not only use their mathematical background, but also benefit from the personal and organizational skills developed in the programme.

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