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2 Jahre
1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
Bachelor’s degree
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Application deadline: 1 June 2018 (1 April 2018, if you require housing)
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Groundbreaking research at the heart of modern society

Physics is an indispensable part of modern society. Modern life would be entirely different without computer chips, lasers, MRI screening and all the other benefits of physics research. The Master’s programme in Physics provides you with plenty of opportunities to study and engage in groundbreaking fundamental research and its applications. Whether you are interested in physical processes within cells, creating artificial photosynthesis, astroparticle physics or testing fundamental symmetries at the atomic scale, the Master’s programme in Physics gives you the opportunities to deepen your knowledge and engage in groundbreaking fundamental research.

You will have the opportunity to concentrate on a specialization of your choice:

  • Advanced Matter and Energy Physics;
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Gravitation, Astro- and Particle Physics
  • Physics of Life and Health;
  • Science for Energy and Sustainability;
  • Science, Business and Innovation
  • Theoretical Physics.

The programme in a nutshell

The Master’s programme gives you wider knowledge and a deeper understanding of physics as a whole, and the opportunity to specialize in a specific area. The specializations offered range from Fundamentals of particle physics, Advanced Matter and Energy Physics to Physics of Life and Health. You will take core courses in your chosen specialization, plus a number of optional subjects. These options can be general physics subjects or courses drawn from another specialization. In your second year, you will join one of the research groups for your Master’s project and write a Master’s thesis. In addition to your specialization, you can choose between various professional profiles which emphasize research, communication, education or executive and management skills. Physics and Astronomy is a joint degree programme of the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam. Courses are given at the two Faculties of Science. Graduates receive a diploma accredited by both universities.

Career prospects

A Master’s degree in Physics and Astronomy provides a solid steppingstone to a variety of career paths. You can pursue a career at a research institute, a major multinational, a telecommunications company or a bank. Other opportunities can be found in the public sector, software houses and consultancies. You can also choose to continue your research at PhD level.

Fahrräder der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is an internationally renowned research university founded in 1880. The university is located in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with the largest concentration of students in the Netherlands and where English is the second language spoken. The campus is surrounded by one of the most dynamic and fast-growing business districts in the Netherlands hosting over 700 companies.

With more than 23,000 students, of which 3300 are international, the university conducts cutting-edge research into problems of major societal and scientific importance. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam distinguishes itself in research and education through four interdisciplinary themes reflecting a strong level of involvement in current societal issues: Human Health and Life Sciences, Science for Sustainability, Connected World and Governance for Society. As a student this will help you to look beyond the boundaries of scientific disciplines, to engage with society and to seek for tangible solutions for a better world. In addition Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam regards diversity, whether in culture, conviction, nationality or prior education, as source of innovation and progress, and hence as special strength.


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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