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Think big. Turn scientific inventions info succesful products.
Successfully introducing scientific knowledge and inventions into the market is a complex process in which science and business cooperate to the fullest extent at each stage of development. Are you curious about how to integrate both the scientific and the business side of innovations? Do you want to play a crucial part in determining the economic success of innovations? Then the Science, Business & Innovation (SBI) Master’s track at VU University Amsterdam is the programme for you.

The programme
The Master’s track SBI is a two years programme (120 EC) and is taught in English. All SBI Master Track students will take general courses in the business aspects of and science behind scientific innovations. Alongside these mandatory courses, students will take specific courses depending on the specialization they choose.

Design your own programme
You are the master of your own Master’s programme SBI. This means you have a great deal of flexibility with your electives and study route. You can form a tailor made Master’s programme in collaboration with your Master’s coordinator as long as your Master’s programme SBI forms a coherent package with a distinct focus on life & health or energy & sustainability

Specializations from the SBI Master’s track
The SBI Master’s Track offers two thematic specializations: energy & sustainability and life & health. The energy science specialization focuses on the development and implementation of sustainable solutions, the life science specialization emphasizes on drug development, molecular diagnostics and innovative medical instrumentation.

Career prospects
SBI graduates are trained to integrate scientific aspects in a business and innovation context while taking organizational, social and cultural variables into account. Professionals who are able to bridge the gap between the laboratory and the boardroom are rare and highly sought after.

Working in the industry
Possible starting positions include assistant R&D project manager, assistant business analyst, high-tech marketing trainee, or strategy consultant in the public or private sector. Companies that are attractive for SBI graduates include venture capital companies investing in innovative new concepts, consultancy companies for both governments and businesses and the energy and pharmaceutical sector, where research and development are of crucial importance.

Continuing your studies of Scientific Careers
You can also decide to continue expanding your knowledge and apply for a PhD position.

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