Comparative Arts & Media Studies

1 Jahre
1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
  • bachelor's degree in art, film, television, digital media, or (visual) cultural studies
  • academic Bachelor in the Humanities (history, journalism, communication studies, comparative literature), a solid background with a minimum of 30 credits is required in either art, film, television, digital media or (visual) cultural studies.
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Application deadline: 1 May (1 April if you want to use the housing options of the VU)
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The programme Comparative Arts and Media Studies focuses on intermedialities in relation to cinema, television, digital media, literature and visual arts. Intermedialities are crossovers and interrelations between the arts and the media, but also within and between various media. These have been intensified with the arrival of digital media and the “hypermedium” that arises from the on-screen interplay of words, images, and sounds and through the convergence of cinema, television, radio, journalism, e-books, and photography on the web.

Career prospects
The programme Comparative Arts and Media Studies is an internationally oriented course that has close links to real-life practice. In addition to gaining expertise in theoretical and historical research, you will be able to look forward to a career in the fields of education and communication, digital archiving of cultural heritage, or cultural policy and administration. Employers include museums, theatres, cinemas, foundations and private institutions.

Postgraduate studies
A degree in Arts & Culture qualifies you to carry out independent scholarly research. Students who have performed exceptionally during their Master’s studies may wish to apply to the Research Master’s in Visual Arts, Media and Architecture. For more information, please visit the VAMA website.

Critical and engaged
Completing the Master’s programme in Comparative Arts and Media Studies means you will have gained a sharp eye (and ear) for all kinds of media and art products, and you will also be able to situate these in their various contexts. Moreover, you will be able to indicate the different interrelationships between arts and media thanks to your thorough training in approaches to scientific comparison. You will have a solid grasp of the cultural landscape and you will be able to think, speak and write about relevant topics at a highly advanced level.

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