Engineering Systems

1.5 Jahre
1. September.

Bewerbungsfrist: 1. Oktober 2020 bis spätestens 19. August 2021 für Beginn in September 2021

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Studiengebühren: 2168 Euro/Jahr

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Master Engineering Systems

In this master track, you will focus on becoming an authority on Sustainable Energy Systems. You will learn to model and validate systems with multiple inputs and outputs using both white box modeling and system identification. You focus on Sustainable Energy Systems including sustainable technology and Energy System Integration (ESI). You focus on control applications used in industry. Furthermore, you can choose modules about Data Analytics or Power Supply.

The course consists of:

  • lectures
  • individual and group assignments
  • experimental research and laboratory exercises
  • model development and simulation exercises
  • group cases
  • minor projects
  • a major project including a management game

Master Eingineering Systems Content

Module 1: Systems Modelling

  • Applied Physics
  • Introduction modelling
  • Practice modelling and simulation
  • Energy Based Modelling
  • System Identification
  • Minor project modelling systems including Research skills

Module 2: Sustainable Energy Systems Module 2: Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Fundamentals of sustainable energy technology
  • Sustainable energy innovations
  • Model, design and testing of sustainable energy systems
  • Energy System Integration

Module 3: Applied Control
The module covers the following tasks: analysing an uncontrolled system, creating a feedback controller, applying an advanced control strategy and applying a controlled system.

Module 4: Smart Power Supply or Big Data & Small Data

  • The current energy grid, power supply and assets
  • Energy transition for electrical grid stability
  • Interchangeability of power and heat as energy
  • Optimization algorithms for energy management
  • Model and simulate power control (systems)

Big data and small data

The following courses are taught in the Big data and small data module:

  • System identification
  • State and parameter estimation
  • Advanced modelling minor project

Graduation Projects

All master graduation projects are motivated by real-life problems, supplied by companies related to the area of your Master Track. A master thesis is written, and the project is presented in an oral examination for a major project committee. In most cases, the thesis-related work is carried out at the company. This means that a representative of the company is involved, to verify (1) whether the thesis results match the expectations of the company, and (2) whether the rated aspects of the master thesis are relevant for the company. In this way, feedback is obtained on the professional requirements regarding the intended learning outcomes.

Master Engineering Systems: Substainable Energy: Career

An a sustainable energy engineer you will have an active role in the transition towards a sustainable energy system. You will work on the development of technology, models and smart control of sustainable systems for energy generation, storage or distribution at local, regional or (inter)national level. You may be employed by SME’s, grid operators, energy providers or governments to develop innovative energy systems or have a role towards maintaining the energy balance on an (inter)national scale.

Master Engineering Systems: Sustainable Energy: Admission

To enrol in the Master Engineering Systems: track Sustainable Energy, you need a Bachelors degree in Engineering or a related technical discipline, with a GPA of 2.8 or higher based on a 4.0 scale. International students need to be proficient in English.


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