Innovative Hospitality Management

1 Jahre
1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
  • A minimum of a three year university degree on a bachelor level. A Hospitality or Management related background is advisable.
  • As the program is delivered in English, proficiency in English is required certified by an IELTS 6.5, Toefl Internet Based 80,  or Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, or an alternative certifcate of C1 level issued by the University’s Academic Secretary.
  • A certificate from the university which states that the applicant has completed a Bachelor Degree program, of at least 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), and allows him/her to enrol in a Masters Program.
  • Two reference letters and one motivation letter
3250.00 € / Jahr

This programme can be started in February and also in September.

The tuition fees for non-EU students are 8700 €.

Worum geht's im Studium

The University Master Degree Innovative Hospitality Management is a one-year full time master course. The first academic block takes place in Barcelona, Spain, followed by the second academic block in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The In-Company Research Project (internship) could take you anywhere worldwide (visa permitting). See graphic below fort he study plan:

The University Master Degree Innovative Hospitality Management is a one-year full time master course. The first academic block takes place in Barcelona, Spain, followed by the second academic block in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The In-Company Research Project (internship) could take you anywhere worldwide (visa permitting). See graphic below fort he study plan:

Leadership Competencies (held in Barcelona and Maastricht): The people working in hospitality are the ones in charge of making it an interesting field for personal and professional growth. (Barcelona and Maastricht)
  • Leadership Development Program (4 ECTS): Students are guided in developing the basic competencies for professional life, with a special focus on the requirements of working as Hospitality Managers.
  • Communication Skills (3 ECTS): Principle and practices of management, communication and consulting will be introduced and practiced. These skills will be applied in a short but realistic management project.
  • Cross-Cultural Management Skills (3 ECTS): Assesment and advice in how to release higher potential in individuals enabling sustainable success by making the most of alternative cultural perspectives.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Hospitality (Barcelona Block): New trends in the hospitality field are changing the scenario of jobs in the future. The program prepares students to provide a more creative and efficient approach to the profession. Real life case studies complement the academic inputs.
  • Redefining the Hospitality Experience (5 ECTS): It focuses on concept and idea generation frameswork for indentifying and creating hospitality business oportunities through the enhancement of the guest experience. Cool Hunting, Design Thinking processes and Imagineering and Co-creation are specific topics covered within the module. Selected tools, techniques and examples of good innovation management will be covered.
  • Innovation Management in Hospitality (5 ECTS): This module reviews relevant innovation concepts in tourism and hospitality, with a specific focus on the main factors and drivers in innovation in relation to hospitality organizations.
  • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship (5 ECTS): This module focuses on the challenges of turning ideas and innovations into profitable and sustainable business, either by creating a new company or entrepreneuring inside an existing company.

International Hospitality Management (Maastricht Block): Students become acquainted with a creative and systematic pursuit of organizational goals within the hospitality industry, by planning, organizing, leading and controlling the available resources in a concerted and sustainable way.
  • International Strategic Management (5 ECTS): Starting from the mission and vision and given the objectives of a company, a strategic analysis of a real company in the hospitality industry will be submitted. After completing the strategic analysis students will make an implementation plan, including risk management. Competitive and internationalization strategies will be evaluated among others and a choice will be made for the company.
  • International Marketing Management (5 ECTS): Keywords are: relationship management approach, customer value and growth strategies. A marketing plan for an existing company will be developed, in wich all important marketing decisions are featured, such as international service and brand management, international price, communication and distribution management.
  • International Financial Management (5 ECTS): This module provides essential financial skills necessary in order to analyze different business scenarios. Financial competencies are directly related to top performance careers within the industry. The components towards succesfully applying revenue management will be introduced and discussed step by step.

Research in Hospitality, held in association with Oxford School of Hospitality Management (20 ECTS): Research Skills in the hospitality field are a critical factor for anticipating future scenarios and for transferring academic knowlegde needed to face challenges in the industry. This block includes the Research Methods, as well as the In-Company Research Thesis.
  • Research Methods: The aim of Research Skills is to reinforce your expertice in research. This academic block involves: problem solving; research design; information management and research; anaylsis and synthesis of data; writing research reports.
  • In-Company Research Thesis (15ECTS)

Research Project (6 ECTS): Students on the Master's program in Innovative Hospitality Management will be expected to successfully complete a high quality rigorous and systematic research thesis required and is of general relevance to the successful compleition of coursework. This module follows up from research methdos and has the objetcive to demostrate the students can demonstrate research and sythesis.

Placement & Innovative Project (9 ECTS): The universities collaborate in finding an international internship in a hotel, tourist organization, consultancy or tourism related company (visa regulations permitting). During the placement, the student has to create an innovation project in an issue of management in the company. The project might range from freasability studies, clarifying a policy problem, identifying bottlenecks, making recommendations for improving an existing situation or evaluating processes, for instance. Its contribution in terms of practical implementation might be highly valued.

Career opportunities:
Higher management positions in the hotel industry: revenue management, operations management, marketing management, food & beverage management, financial management, duty management. Hospitality Consultancy.

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