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1. September (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
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• Applied Neuroscience in Education and Child Studies
• Child and Family Science
• Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies / Orthopedagogiek (Dutch)
• Digital Media in Human Development
• Educational Science
• Forensic Family Science / Forensische gezinspedagogiek (Dutch)
• Learning Problems and Impairments
• Special Needs Children in Education / Kinderen met leer- en gedragsproblemen in het onderwijs (Dutch)

In the Master’s programme in Education and Child Studies students can choose a specialisation in one of the sub-disciplines of Education and Child Studies. All specialisations prioritize the students’ academic education.

The Master’s programme in Education and Child Studies is an academic programme that focuses on the link between theory, research and practice. Students are taught to seek evidence-based solutions to problems occurring in child-rearing and education.

Students choose a specialisation from the start. All specialisations have one course in common, a course on the practice of empirical research. The rest of the year is spent deepening the students’ scientific knowledge in the field of their choice, doing an internship and completing a master’s project in which students carry out their own research and prepare a written report of their research project.

You can choose from the following specialisations:

Applied Neuroscience in Education and Child Studies
For those interested in the relation between neuro-cognitive and biological factors, and learning, behaviour and emotions.

Child and Family Studies
For those wishing to specialise in the development of children within their family and day-care facilities.

Clinical Child and Adolescents Studies / Orthopedagogiek
This master’s specialisation focuses on severe developmental and behavioural problems in children and adolescents.

Digital Media in Human Development
This new master’s specialisation is devoted to the opportunities and challenges of digital media in child rearing and education.

Educational Science
This specialisation is dedicated to the factors that influence the process of learning, reading, and arithmetic in school pupils.

Forensic Family Science / Forensische Gezinspedagogiek
With this master’s at Leiden University you’ll be an expert in child care, (criminal)law, prevention and treatment

Learning Problems and Impairments
In this specialisation you will learn to recognise and treat many common learning problems.

Special Needs Children in Education / Kinderen met leer- en gedragsproblemen in het Onderwijs
In this master’s you learn how to use research to identify and diagnose children with behavioural, developmental and learning problems.

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