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Study the dynamic past of landscape. Discover the significance of archaeology as heritage.
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has a leading international position in the field of Landscape and Heritage, in research and in teaching. The MA Archaeology of Landscape and Heritage deals thematically with archaeological landscapes and heritage in many different societies, and has no geographical or chronological limits. The strong tradition of landscape studies at the VU is combined with current perspectives on archaeological heritage. Both the cultural and the more science-based approach of Landscape Archaeology are present in the programme of this track. Archaeological Heritage focuses on the multifaceted meanings of archaeological remains in modern society. Processes of preservation and management, the role of archaeology in spatial planning, and its societal impact in Europe are some of the key-issues that are addressed in the MA Archaeology Landscape and Heritage.

Landscape archaeology is a specialism which is well developed at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Netherlands (large scale excavations) and the Mediterranean (surface surveys) form the historical landscapes on which fieldwork is conducted, and are also the focal points for ongoing research projects about the use of GIS in archaeology and villa landscapes in the north of the Roman Empire. The initiation of international Landscape Archaeological conferences that was started at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2010 gives the specialism Landscape Archaeology a rich expertise. Students in Landscape Archaeology at VU will have an interdisciplinary view on the platform landscape and are well trained in broad concepts and views.

Archaeology is seen progressively more as heritage, which gives it a new social and economic meaning. This conjures up several important questions. What, for example, is archaeological heritage? How do we envision the processes of preservation and management? What role does archaeology play in spatial planning? How archaeological heritage management currently is organised and financed in the Netherlands and in other European countries, and how will it be done in future? These and other questions are dealt with in the programme, which encompasses several elective modules from the interdisciplinary Master’s in Heritage Studies.

Core themes in the programme are: ecological and economic dimensions of interrelationship between man and landscape; the historical stratification of landscapes; the ‘past in the past’; landscape and identity, and science-based concepts in Landscape Archaeology. If you are interested in landscape as a platform for archaeological research then this Master is equipped for you. Do you want to be a graduated archaeologist, but also focus on heritage management and policy? If so, then this Master’s is the programme for you.

With ‘Landscape & Heritage’ the VU offer the only archaeological programme with a specialization which combines landscape archaeology and heritage in Europe. Though you receive a Master’s diploma in Archaeology, you also take heritage related courses during your study programme. You are also introduced to every facet of the current archaeological system and the way in which the ‘market’ operates. You are hereby able to specialize yourself in policy and advice.

Career prospects
As an archaeologist with an MA Archaeology in Landscape and Heritage you are exceptionally suited to follow a professional career in archaeology. The conceptual and effective knowledge of landscapes, heritage and archaeological remains in their modern setting makes you qualified to work in local, national or international heritage management institutions and public services. Also, your experience with fieldwork and its management qualifies you for positions in European companies doing archaeological research. A broad knowledge of archaeology also makes you suitable for a career in sectors such as journalism, tourism and publishing. Finally, an ACASA Master in Archaeology prepares you very well for additional education on the Master or PhD level.

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