Econometrics and Operations Research

3 Jahre
1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
Candidates with a non-Dutch pre-university school diploma:
  1. A diploma equivalent to a Dutch VWO diploma
  2. Proof of sufficient proficiency in Mathematics B
  3. Proof of sufficient proficiency in English
2078.00 € / Jahr
Application deadline: 1 May (1 April if you want to use the housing options of the VU)
Worum geht's im Studium

Mathematics, statistics, economics and computer science is a single programme!

Do you have an analytical mind? Do you find it an exciting challenge to translate the abstraction of mathematics and statistics into solutions for real problems? Do you have a practical nature and would you like to put it to use to solve the big issues in society? If so, the bachelor's programme in Econometrics and Operations Research could be right for you. The programme involves solving problems using insights from:

  • mathematics
  • statistics
  • economics
  • computer science

During the programme, you will gain in-depth theoretical knowledge of econometrics and operations research as well as develop practical skills. You will learn to quantitatively formulate and analyze questions from economic practice by developing models that can be used to interpret data, particularly ‘big data’. You will also learn to develop software to find the most efficient solution to the problem at hand. For instance, you might develop a model that can:

  • determine the effects of an interest rate cut by the European Central Bank on employment
  • portray the risk scenarios of an investment strategy
  • create the optimal schedule for the Dutch railways
  • find optimal routes to navigate (roads or) other types of networks

Econometrics and Operations Research at VU Amsterdam is a small-scale programme. You can always count on personal guidance by senior students and instructors, and on expert lectures. You will attend mathematics lectures given by mathematicians, learn programming from computer scientists and attend economics lectures given by our top economists. You will also participate in integration practicals, in which you can apply the material from various courses to interesting case studies in a practical and coherent way. This makes the theory really come to life and optimally prepares you for professional practice.

In the 2017 and 2018 National Student Survey, students of the bachelor’s programme in Econometrics and Operations Research at VU Amsterdam assessed the programme as the best in its field of study!

Studenten der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam im Hörsaal

Looking Further as an Econometrist

VU is looking further. As an Econometrics and Operations Research student, the latest insights from the interdisciplinary VU research theme Governance for Society will be integrated into your curriculum. You will learn to look at problems from various disciplinary perspectives in order to develop complete and effective solutions. For example, you might develop a model involving multiple disciplines that:

  • describes movements in the market (finance), including the diversity of trade constructions and the high pace of the transaction process (economics)
  • predicts future demand for a treatment (healthcare) at a hospital and determines the optimal number of beds that will maximize the level of service (operations management) while staying within budget (economics)

The programme in a nutshell

The bachelor's in Econometrics and Operations Research is a three-year programme. The courses are taught by experts in each field. You will follow the mathematics courses in relatively small groups and some of the economics courses in larger groups of economics students. The workshops will be held with relatively small groups of students, so you will have room for direct discussions with the instructors.

Future prospects

When you graduate, you will earn the title Bachelor of Science in Econometrics and Operations Research. Most of our students immediately follow up with a master’s degree. This allows you to further specialize in this field and gives you an even greater advantage in the labour market. Our faculty offers a broad range of Master’s programmes.

If you would like to go straight into the job market, your ability to combine mathematics, statistics, economics and computer science to solve problems will make you quite popular with employers. You could work in a variety of jobs, depending on the discipline you focus on in your third year.

Fahrräder der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam vor Gebäude

Studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is an internationally renowned research university founded in 1880. The university is located in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with the largest concentration of students in the Netherlands and where English is the second language spoken. The campus is surrounded by one of the most dynamic and fast-growing business districts in the Netherlands hosting over 700 companies.

With more than 23,000 students, of which 3300 are international, the university conducts cutting-edge research into problems of major societal and scientific importance. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam distinguishes itself in research and education through four interdisciplinary themes reflecting a strong level of involvement in current societal issues: Human Health and Life Sciences, Science for Sustainability, Connected World and Governance for Society. As a student this will help you to look beyond the boundaries of scientific disciplines, to engage with society and to seek for tangible solutions for a better world. In addition Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam regards diversity, whether in culture, conviction, nationality or prior education, as source of innovation and progress, and hence as special strength.


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
International Student Advisor
Esther de Koning
phone: + 31 20 598 2508

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