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English Language and Culture
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Whether you turn on the TV or the radio, walk through Amsterdam or Groningen, are on a holiday in Asia or somewhere in Europe, there is always someone who speaks English. It is the most spoken and most read language in the world. Everybody knows Shakespeare's Romeo en Julia and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Since the Nobel Price awards for literature in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007, many people also know the British writer V.S. Naipaul, the South-African J.M. Coetzee, and the British Harold Pinter and Doris Lessing.

Something for me?
You love the English language, British or American. You don’t have to brilliant at it, but must be motivated to learn it at near-native level. You are also interested in its structure and origins, and above all, you want to study your favourite books in their cultural and historical context.

How is the study?
The Bachelor’s degree programme in English Language and Culture concentrates on all aspects of the English language and literature written in English: language proficiency, linguistics and history of the English language, and the literature from the Middle Ages down to the present day, from the birthplace of the language in England to the United States and all parts of the Commonwealth. The programme is characterized by a broad and integrated approach to language and literature, with the latter field often being placed in a sociohistorical framework.

The three-year programme acquaints you with various subdisciplines:

English proficiency
Modern English linguistics
Modern English Literature
Socio-political and cultural history of the English speaking countries
Historical Linguistics and Old and Middle English Literature.

and trains you in a number of skills such as writing, critical data collection and analysis, and literary appreciation.

Career Prospects
As a graduate you have a broad range of career possibilities in:

publishing, writing and editing
diplomacy and international relations
cultural organizations
post-graduate research
international commerce and business

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