American Studies (Amerikanistik)

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American Studies
Discover America from coast to coast...

How do Americans see themselves and their nation? How does the rest of the world view the U.S.A.? Who were the Founding Fathers and has their dream of a socially just America become a reality? Why does a rich country like the U.S. have 55 million people without health insurance? Who is Homer Simpson, and why does it matter? Why do only 25 out of 300 million Americans own a passport? Why do Americans spend more money each year on fastfood than on education? These are questions that occupy a student of American Studies. .

Something for me?
Many people have a love-hate relationship with the United States. There is plenty of cynicism towards America. However, do you realise that a great part of your life has been invented and made by America? Think of the fastfood you eat, the music you listen to or the movies you watch, the computerprograms you use. And who is not fascinated by a country that places people on the moon, where movie actors can become president, and where people are so positive they have never heard of a 'problem', only of a 'situation for which we have not yet found a solution'.

How is the study?
The (English) Bachelor American Studies is a three-year degree. The first two years of the major American Studies deal with the following elements: learning the English language, early and modern American history, early and modern American literature and culture, American constitutional law, ideology and identity, popular culture, arts, media and ideology. After the first year you will acquire more and more in depth knowledge about the dynamics of the United States; you will learn, for example, about the American protest culture of the 60's and 70's, or the history of U.S. ecology. In addition, you will learn about theories of culture, which will result in a deeper understanding of the concept of 'culture', and of what makes the U.S. so different from Europe. In the second and third year you will also choose courses outside of the American studies curriculum; the 'fee space course' and the minor that is related to the major, which you can also follow in the U.S. In the 'free space' you can choose from a large variety of courses, such as journalism, economics, business studies, international law, history of art, movie sciences, Europe studies, Canada and Mexico studies. In the third year you can study at an American university for half a year. In conclusion you will write a Thesis. After that you can move on to the Master American Studies.

Career Prospects
As an American Studies graduate with a Master's degree, you have a broad range of career prospects. American Studies students have expertise in the economic, political, cultural, commercial, and social domains of the U.S., as well as excellent transferable skills that are highly valued in the job market. The cultural adaptability and linguistic expertise that comes from living and studying in the U.S.A. distinguishes our American Studies students from most job candidates. After graduation, our students move into jobs in the business world, journalism, diplomacy, politics, event organization, or teaching, to name only a few options.


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