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3 Jahre
1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
As a residential and selective honours college, AUC attracts students from all over the world. Applicants are assessed on the basis of their academic performance, interests and motivation, and the selectivity rate is around 20%. The AUC Scholarship Fund promotes diversity in the student body with generous support from the international business community.
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Application deadline: 1 May (1 April if you want to use the housing options of the VU)
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Amsterdam University College (AUC) offers a liberal arts and sciences programme, leading to a joint Bachelor (Honours) degree from the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. A liberal education teaches you to read intelligently, think critically and write effectively. AUC students acquire not only depth of knowledge, but also important and transferable academic and research skills. You can major in the sciences, social sciences or humanities.

All AUC students undertake community service or an internship, and AUC offers a wide range of study abroad opportunities. At AUC you will be trained to analyse complex issues from different perspectives and academic fields of knowledge. Discussions start from the ‘big questions’ in science and society and lead to in-depth study in a wide range of disciplines. Six interdisciplinary themes provide an orientation to the choice of courses for your major:

  • Energy, Climate and Sustainability
  • Life, Evolution and the Universe
  • Health and Well-being
  • Information, Communication, Cognition
  • Social Systems
  • Cities and Cultures

You will engage on a daily basis in intensive and small-scale seminars with high calibre international staff. An AUC tutor (academic adviser) supports you in the process of planning your study programme, to help you ensure it is solid and coherent and will meet your academic and/or career goals. Substantial emphasis is placed on scientific reasoning within an interdisciplinary approach.

Student community

As a member of the AUC student community you will belong to a vibrant international group of young people interested in studying real-world problems that cross the boundaries of academic disciplines. Through working in a diverse environment of different languages and cultures, you will develop your creativity and critical thinking, and your problem-solving and communication skills. You need to be driven by a strong motivation to learn and a great commitment to the diversity of the AUC student community. From this foundation, you want to contribute to important debates about the world and its future, and to make a difference!


Your time at AUC will become a true intercultural and social learning experience. AUC students live and study together on our modern international campus, located in the Science Park Amsterdam. The Science Park’s concentration of education, research exploration and enterprise is the perfect academic environment for AUC, as well as being the location of the University of Amsterdam’s sports centre and other sport and social facilities.

Some key data

  • AUC’s student population: 50% international from more than 50 different countries. More than 30% of students study abroad for one semester. Around 10–15% of AUC students receive a full or partial scholarship from the AUC Scholarship Fund
  • AUC’s faculty: approximately two-thirds has an international background
  • Focus on science: AUC enrols up to 50% science majors and is located at Science Park Amsterdam
  • Study success: AUC’s retention and completion rates are among the top of Dutch university programmes. Study progress and performance is also far above the national average.

The most current data are published on the AUC website. The joint Bachelor degree programme offered by AUC is accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) and has been awarded the “Distinctive feature of small-scale and intensive education”. AUC’s foundation was supported by financial grants for Excellence in Higher Education from the Ministry of Education.

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Future Prospects

As an AUC graduate you will be in possession of an internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree. You will be qualified to apply for Master’s-level studies at major universities in both the Netherlands and abroad, potentially going on to pursue a PhD. You may also, of course, decide to embark on a career in the corporate world, go to work for a public organization or pursue other options.

Your personal tutor will advise you throughout your studies at AUC, helping you to make choices in the AUC curriculum and supporting you in achieving your ambitions.


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Amsterdam University College
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1098 XG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

phone: +31 (0)20 525 8780

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