Interdisciplinary Arts

3 Jahre
1. September. (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
  • pre-university secondary education (or equivalent)
  • evidence of artistic aptitude
  • advanced in English
  • collaborative skills
Informationen zu Studiengebühren
Bewerbungsschluss ist der 1. August
Worum geht's im Studium

Tomorrow’s artists will take on the roles of entrepreneurs, policy makers, executive producers and researchers. They disclose new grounds where knowledge and art can be meaningful. This is the philosophy of iArts: artists should ceaselessly explore where they can make a difference.

iArts is an intensive international three-year Bachelor’s programme that trains you to become a critically engaged artist. You are going to be an inquiring, entrepreneurial and socially engaged thinker and creator, who is capable of translating social and scientific issues into their artistic and interdisciplinary practice. At iArts we train professional intermediaries in between the worlds of the arts, our society, institutes and companies.

Study programme


The study programme is project-based and is built up around four domains; Arts & Society, Arts & Culture, Arts & Sciences, and Arts & Entrepreneurship. Each project, four projects per year, highlights one of these domains, which are mostly organized together with different external partners like governments, other educational institutes, societal organisations, and industries. Together you’ll invent creative and original solutions for current social and cultural issues.


In addition to the projects, the curriculum consists of a so-called baseline: an in-depth programme with attention for theory, skills training and reflection. Examples of courses in the baseline are Art History, Art Analysis, Singing, Design skills, Dramaturgy, Philosophy, Text analysis, Methodology, Sociology and Writing. In the third year, you develop your own Graduation Strategy, which consists of a Position Paper and your own artistic research for your graduation project. You finalize your study with a collective public event. In addition to the regular projects, iArts organizes a variety of excursions, presentations and workshops in collaboration with our partners.

Interesting facts

The iArts projects are always developed and executed with partners in the field. That means you work in a real environment. We believe that is the best way to prepare young talents for a professional successful career. iArts is an exciting crossover of artistic skills, academic reflection, research and entrepreneurship. These components are intertwined in projects and seminars with a strong focus on today’s societal issues.


iArts is located in the heart of Maastricht, an European centre of culture and home to 11,000 students. The city’s numerous festivals and events reflect its diverse cultural and historical influences.


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