Industrial Design Engineering

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Worum geht's im Studium

The programme Industrial Design Engineering

Design plays an essential role in the development of new products ranging from consumer products, office furniture, cars or high-tech equipment. Companies have realized that an innovative product design can help to differentiate from competitors. It is important that the product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also satisfies functional standards. Aiming to fulfil these high standards, the study course Industrial Design Engineering teaches you how to combine engineering and design in a unique manner. During this study course, you will learn how to design and improve products by applying technical know-how, creativity and an understanding of user needs. Products need to be user friendly, consist out of approppriate materials, have an efficient manufacturing process and get your attention because of an appealing design. You learn how to make design decisions ensuring the optimum effectiveness of the resources being used without compromising the quality or desirability of the product.

Content And Structure Of The Programme

During your studies, you focus on the whole design process of a product: from coming up with a product idea designing and producing it, to finally bringing it to market. This requires interdisciplinary knowledge and skills from a wide range of subject areas: aesthetics, ergonomics, materials, two- and three-dimensional modelling and production methods. This variety of subject areas enables you to not only satisfy your interest in engineering but creativity as well. Hereby, it is from utmost importance to gain practical experience. Each semester you work on at least one project in which theory and practice can be integrated. Within these projects, you are encouraged to realize your ideas and build your own prototypes. Therefore you will be taught to work with relevant software and machines. Modern and well-equipped workshops are essential and available on campus. State-of-the-art technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting are a vital part of your studies. The practical projects are often conducted in collaboration with renowned companies like Philips or Canon, who ask you as a student to for example to design and produce a prototype for a new product idea. In both, the 5th and 8th semester, you do an internship to acquire further practical professional insights. You select the industry, the company and the department according to your field of interest. Further international experience can be gathered during your minor as a semester abroad at one of more than 125 partner universities all over the world. You are obliged to do at least one internship or your minor abroad in a country other than your home country. This time abroad offers you the opportunity to deepen your language and intercultural competences.

What Can You Expect From Fontys

Studying at Fontys Venlo prepares you ideally for today’s job market and your future career. You benefit from small classes with a maximum of 30 students and a Study Career Manager that assists you in your personal and professional development on an individual basis. The unique combination of design and technical know-how helps you to fulfil the requirements of a designer as well as an engineer. Due to your practical and international experiences, you fulfil crucial expectations from employees, resulting in a wide range of opportunities for your career.

Your Individual Study Track

Right from the start, you make your decision to study in English. This offers you the chance to get acquainted with the most commonly used language in business. Moreover, the content of the course is targeted at companies that are active internationally. Within your studies you are asked to conduct two internships of six months each, which will provide you with further insights into working internationally since you are encouraged to work abroad. Also the minor in the 6th semester offers you the possibility to visit a foreign country as part of a study abroad minor. This can be done at one of more than 125 partner universities all over the world. Because of the study programme’s international focus, you are obliged to do at least one internship or your minor abroad, which means in any country of the world despite your home country. 

Future Perspectives

Professional Prospects

The unique combination of design and engineering paired with practical experiences gives you a competitive advantage. You have the chance to work in a variety of professions and industries. Possible future job prospects for Industrial Design Engineering graduates are: Product Developer, Product Designer, Technical Designer, Consultant or Research- and Development Manager.


With a total of 240 ECTS credits, you have created the ideal starting point to commence your master studies. The postbaccelaureate master studies do not require additional work experience and can be started immediately after your bachelor studies. A post-experience master requires additional work experience after the bachelor studies.


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