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Worum geht's im Studium

Communication is taught at HAN’s International School of Business. Our aim? To give you a high-quality and engaging business education. Inspire you to learn and grow. Both during your studies and beyond. So, no matter what the future holds, you will succeed in any business setting.

An international communication degree at the HAN International School of Business opens up a world of possibilities. After all, every company and every organization in the world has a message. Your challenge as a communication specialist? To get that message across so people will listen. Communication professionals are the voice of organizations. They interact with various target groups using different forms of verbal, visual and online media.

Good Match?

  • Are you open to your direct surroundings and the world in general?
  • Are you inquisitive?
  • Are you interested in current affairs and trends?
  • Are you interested in other people and in communicating with them?
  • Do you enjoy convincing others of your ideas?

YES? Then the international Communiation program is a good match for you!

Program in brief

At HAN University of Applied Sciences, theory and practice go hand in hand. First you dive into the theory. Then you put it into practice. Giving you not only the knowledge but also the skills and experience to deal with real communication issues. HAN works closely with the professional field. What that means for you? You get to solve real communication problems and work on real international cases. During the program, you embark on challenging group projects for external clients. Make a digital magazine. Devise an integrated communication plan. Be creative while using the latest evidence-based practices.

In your 1st and 2nd years you follow various communication courses. From marketing and public relations to advertising and intercultural awareness. You work on projects and study a foreign language. In your 3rd year you work as an intern and you study abroad. The graduation project is the focus of your 4th year. Here you solve a communication issue for an international organization.

In your 3rd year you do an internship. Where? At an internationally oriented company. Like Nissan, Shell, Bosch or Dior. Apply what you’ve learned and gain new perspective. Put your foreign language skills to work. Get hands on experience with different cultures. In your 4th year you work on your graduation assignment. Your task? Devise a planned solution to a communication problem at a strategic level. This could be a plan for marketing communication, branding or online management. Where? At an internationally oriented company like Philips, KLM, Nike or Estee Lauder.


With this degree, you can get a job as:

  • (Junior) Marketing Communication Manager
  • International Advertising Account Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Spokesperson
  • International Brand Manager
  • Social Media Manager

Why study international Communication at HAN?

Renowned business school

The International School of Business (ISB) has decades of experience in educating professionals for the world of international business.

ISB Talent Event

Ambitious? Enter the exciting ISB Talent Event and present your group project to an international panel of professors.

Linked to professional field

A committee of communication professionals advises us on the program. This keeps it relevant and up-to-date.

Study abroad

In your 3rd year you study abroad for 1 semester at one of our 120 partner universities.

Small groups

Groups are kept small. Why? To give you lots of opportunities to interact during class.

Inspiring community

The student population at ISB is diverse. Our students come from over 60 different countries. A warm and inspiring



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