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Computer Science: Join The Talent Network
We live in a connected world that is driven by technology. The experts behind these networks and the systems behind them are inventing the future, and it is one of endless  possibilities. Users take it for granted that information is always available, whenever and wherever they want it, but all this depends on science. And it’s not just about  information. Computer Science lies behind the systems that run trains, cars, banks. All this technology throws up some challenges too. What would happen for instance if someone were to hack into the public transport system? How can we safeguard our privacy on the web? E-criminals need to be tackled by e-crimefighters. Networks and Security are two major topics in computer science today. We are constantly making systems safer, more user-friendly, faster and more useful.

To join VU’s international talent network, we expect certain qualities from you; curiosity, passion, ambition and openness to change. You might think that’s a lot to ask, but you will get a lot in return. Lectures by top researchers in the field of Computer Science and an international environment. Outstanding teaching with plentiful opportunities in a dynamic field, both internationally and within the Netherlands. There is always employment for those with talent.

When you finish the three year Bachelor programme you will understand the language of computers. From the logic that systems are built on to the various abstractions of language used to program them. Moreover, you'll learn how computer networks share information in an efficent and secure way and and how users interact with systems. You'll be in the driver seat with key skills and knowledge ready to be applied.

Computer Science is a fulltime investment. On average you will spend 14 hours a week at the VU, consisting of 3-4 lectures, practicals and group assignments. Aside from that you will spend your time studying, making assignments and preparing for tests.

Career prospects
With your knowledge you tell the difference between a secure network and an open door, between a patchy solution or a state of the art system. Knowledge in the field of Computer Science is invaluable for almost any industry or company so you will have many options when it comes to finding the right job. Still it is worthwile to continue your education and go for a Masters degree that will open up even more doors.

Master of Science
Because of the excellent reputation of the VU Masters in the field of Computer Science, many students from abroad come to the VU for their Masters education. Many of our Bachelor students also choose to continue their education with one of our masters

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