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Worum geht's im Studium

How do you give people a super holiday while taking into account the consequences of tourism for nature and local residents? How do you respond to the changing market in which technological developments and customer experiences are becoming increasingly important? This economic management degree programme will teach you all about it – and more!

Tourism and recreation businesses face the challenge of maintaining their position in the fast-paced world of e-business. It requires traditional companies to develop new products and alternative customer approaches. This is what you will learn during your degree programme Tourism Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Studying Tourism Management

During the Tourism Management programme you will work in project groups on issues taken from professional practice, linked to basic courses such as online and offline marketing, e-business, financial management, and consumer behaviour. In addition to acquiring knowledge, you will also develop competencies. These involve a mix of characteristics, behavioural aspects and skills which you use in your work as a professional. The programme is partly taught in Dutch, partly in English. The same holds true for the course material and literature used.

First year

Year 1 consists of twelve course modules that make up the core of the study programme. These modules focus on the travel industry and tourism destinations, in which you will address topics such as e-business, marketing, research, financial management, and consumer behaviour.

Second year

Year 2 consists of twelve course modules: six general modules and six modules which relate specifically to the area of specialisation (track) you have chosen to explore. The six general modules will be Online Consumer Behaviour 2, Change Management, Smart Organisation, Experience Design 2, Online Marketing & Communication 2 and Financial Management. In addition, you will take English, one other foreign language course and Personal and Professional Development. In this year, you will choose one of the following four tracks:

  • Travel Industry
  • Recreation & Hospitality
  • Tourism Destinations
  • Attractions & Theme Parks Management

Third year

As from Year 3, you will determine your own learning path more and more. You have meanwhile gained enough knowledge about the tourism industry to determine where your interests lie. You will do a 20-week work placement. You will gain practical experience and prepare for a position in the tourism-recreational field. The department boasts an extensive national and international network, which means that there are many options in terms of placement positions, both at home and abroad. You can make use of this network or set out to look for a suitable placement position yourself.

Areas of specialisation

In this year, you will choose one of the following areas of specialisation:

  • E-Tourism: thinking up, implementing and executing digital marketing and management strategies for organisations operating in the tourism industry;
  • Tourism Design & Development: developing innovations, an approach and strategies for the development of international sustainable tourism;
  • Tourism Business: developing an entrepreneurial spirit, and inspiring employees to offer tourists high quality and services;
  • Tourist Experience: giving advice to organisations in the tourism industry to excel themselves in service-orientedness.

Fourth year

In the fourth year of your studies, you will choose a minor to either start gaining more in-depth knowledge of your area of specialisation (Year 3) or choose to broaden your knowlegde, which will be followed by a graduation track during which you will write a thesis. Every area of specialisation offers a number of deepening course modules. In addition, you will work on a practical assignment for a commissioner in the Tourism Impact Lab during three terms, where innovation and impact are central. It is also possible to combine your graduation track with a year’s work experience at student training company Newways or YTP@Work. As you will work for the student training company for three days a week and work on your graduation assignment for two days a week, you will have many contacts with industry partners.

If your academic results are good, you will be offered the opportunity of attending the pre-master’s programme Strategic Business Management and Marketing. This degree will give you access to several universities where you can subsequently earn your Master of Science (MSc) degree within one year.

After Study

Tourism is a major and growing business worldwide

Growth in international tourism is so enormous that tourism itself has evolved into an engine of the world’s economy. Tourism as a worldwide phenomenon is closely connected and intertwined with major global changes in culture, politics, technology, economics and the environment. Somewhere in this growing field there will be a job for you. You can start to work, for instance, as an advisor, policy officer, manager, marketeer, purchaser or travel guide.

In HBO Monitor 2018 (an independent guide containing a systematic quality comparison of study programmes in higher education) you can find an indication of the labour market prospects for recent graduates (average starter salary and percentage of unemployed among recent graduates). For the Tourism Management programme, the starter salary of recent graduates amounts to €13,27 per hour before tax. A year and a half after graduation, approximately 93% of the graduates have found a job of which 79% on a Bachelor’s level.

Once you have earned your bachelor's degree, you may choose to continue on a master's programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences, for example the Master Tourism Destination Management or on a master's programme abroad.


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