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For the academic year 2019-2020 the bachelor programme Psychology will become a selective programme. This means that only a limited number of places are available. The maximum of 600 places are available for candidates interested in both the Dutch and international bachelor programme. By maintaining a maximum number of students, we make sure we can offer our students the best quality of education. Selecting qualified and motivated students, we will make sure we can offer our students the best quality of education. A selection procedure will determine which students match our programme best. The selection will be based on your GPA and an online assessment. During this assessment period you will be asked to read and analyse scientific information to see if you match our level of education. This is also a good way to see if the programme fits you.

Worum geht's im Studium


If you are thinking about taking our International Bachelor in Psychology you are no doubt interested in people's behaviour. You are aware that psychology is a science and you have an inquisitive and open mind. You do not take opinions for granted just because they sound plausible and are held by a large group of people. Your English is good, you have a feeling for language, and enjoy studying and reading about all aspects of psychology. You are looking forward to becoming a psychologist: a person who looks at things scientifically and from a distance; is observant and a good listener; is able to think systematically and reason logically.

The bachelor Psychology offers a broad academic development, with knowledge of several subdisciplines, such as clinical (neuro)psychology, developmental psychology, social and organisational psychology, economic and consumer psychology, cognitive psychology and health psychology.

Students and lecturers from around the world bring an international and multi-cultural perspective on psychology to the class room. This, combined with the fact that all teaching and discussions will be in English, that we offer cross-cultural courses, and that you can study abroad for a semester, ensures that your training will be truly international and fitting in a global world. 

Studying Psychology

Five reasons to study Psychology in Leiden:

  • In our teaching, we offer a variety of teaching formats (lectures, work groups, practicals, and individual supervision) and we use modern ICT tools and blended learning to support our teaching in the bachelor's programme 
  • Discover a vast field of study and practice, from Social Psychology to Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology and other main subdisciplines 
  • From the second semester of the second year on, you can either decide to stay broad in your orientation on the field, or you can specialise by choosing your own route 
  • Leiden is known for its system of Student Support which ensures intensive and individual support to all students during all three years of the bachelor's programme with a focus on your career prospects
  • Research and education are closely connected at Leiden University. This means that teaching is often done by top researchers and it means that our students get acquainted with research right from the start of your first year. 

Study Programme

You begin with a coherent overview of the entire field of psychology. Next, you will obtain deeper insight into the various subdisciplines. The methods and statistics courses cover one quarter of the study credits for the first year. Another important part of the first year is the academic skills course during which you will learn and practice academic skills, such as writing an essay, giving a presentation and setting up an experiment in your first year.

You will focus on the practical professional skills of a psychologist, such as diagnostics, interview techniques and data analysis. You will be able to follow in-depth, specialisation courses in some of the subdisciplines for the master's specialisation of your choice. We help you to make your choice and to prepare for the job-market in the course Perspective on Career Planning. During the second part of the second year and the entire third year you will be relatively free in how you put your programme together. You can choose to concentrate on a particular subdiscipline and specialise, or you can choose courses from various subdisciplines to further orient yourself in the field. You can take electives while choosing your own route.

You will probably have a fair idea of what you want to do in the future. You may want to get a master's degree in one of the subdisciplines of psychology or prepare for a job. The third year allows you to choose courses that help you on your way. If you plan your courses carefully, you may also spend a semester studying abroad. You will complete the bachelor's programme with a bachelor project: a research project that you will carry out in a small group and is completed with an individually written bachelor thesis. 

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Job and Careers prospect

Our bachelor's programme prepares you for a master in Psychology. We strongly recommend you to finish a master's programme, so you can start working as a psychologist. Graduates of our programme have been accepted to top universities in Europe and abroad.

Psychology graduates acquire skills useful in a variety of jobs. Whether helping people with mental disorders, researching the brain or deciding who should be hired at a company, psychologists can do it.

Go to the LU Career Zone website for more job positions and employers for Psychology alumni:

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About Leiden University

Are you curious, critical and involved in the world around you? At Leiden University, the oldest university in the Netherlands, you can make a valuable contribution to tackling the various national and international challenges facing modern society. Together with academics and fellow students from all over the world, you will actively address these challenges. We keep an open mind, do not shy away from difficult discussions and allow one another the space to disagree. We expect the same active, open-minded and critical attitude from you.

We challenge you to look beyond your own boundaries. Leiden University welcomes anyone who wants to achieve their full potential. Our modest community size in the historical cities of Leiden and The Hague creates a highly personal and committed atmosphere. Together, we map out a learning path that suits you and your ambitions. You will also be encouraged to conduct research in cooperation with eminent and enthusiastic scholars. The knowledge and skills you develop here will benefit you for the rest of your life, regardless of the career path you choose! 

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