Agrar, Umwelt, Ernährung

 Earth sciences Ecology  Environment & Resource Management Hydrology Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM) Landscape and Heritage

Gesellschaft, Recht, Soziales

 Drug Discovery and Safety International Business Law (LLM) International Crimes & Criminology Law and Politics of International Security Political Science: specialization Comparative and European Politics Political Science: specialization Global Environmental Governance Political Science: specialization International Relations and Transnational Governance Social and Cultural AnthropologyCriminologyDutch Law Stochastics and Financial Mathematics Corporate Law: specialization Law, Markets & Behavior Transnational Legal Studies International Migration and Refugee Law Law: International Technology LawSocietal Resilience


 Computer Science Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems Information Sciences Computational Science Communication and Information Studies

Ingenieur- und Bauwesen

 Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM)

Kommunikation, Werbung, Information

 Information Sciences Theology and Religious studies: specialization in Media Communication and Information Studies

Kunst, Design, Fotografie, Musik, Theater

 Comparative Arts & Media Studies Design Cultures Humanities Research: Critical Studies in Art and Culture Arts & Culture: Contemporary Art History

Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften

 Artificial Intelligence Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Biomolecular Sciences Chemistry  Mathematics Neurosciences Physics & Astronomy Stochastics and Financial Mathematics Chemistry & Physics: Science, business and innovation Econometrics and Operations ResearchBiomedical StudiesBiomolecular Integration Philosophy: Philosophy of neuroscience

Medizin, Psychologie, Gesundheit, Sport

 Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular Research Cognitive Neuropsychology Health Sciences Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health Management, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences Medical Natural Sciences Oncology Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health (research) Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology Global Health Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences Health Sciences: Specialization in Nutrition and Health Health Sciences: specialization in Infectious Diseases and Public Health Health Sciences: specialization in Policy and Organisation of Health Care Health Sciences: specialization in Prevention and Public Health Work and Organizational Psychology  Genes in Behaviour and Health: Research Master

Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaften

 Archaeology Classics Linguistics Ancient Studies Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) Philosophy: Specialization Philosophy, Bioethics and Health Archaeology of North Western Europe Mediterranean Archaeology Ancient History Literary Studies Literatures in English Classics and Ancient Civilizations Culture, Organization and ManagementDutch language and cultureEnglish Language and CultureFrench Language and CultureGerman Language and CultureGreek and Latin Languages and Cultures Heritage Studies HistoryNederlandse taal & cultuur Philosophy Humanities Research: Global History Humanities Research: Literature & Contested spaces Philosophy: Philosophy of neuroscience Philosophy: Foundations of Knowledge and Morality


 Theology and Religious Studies (research) Theology & Religious Studies Theology and Religious studies: specialization in Media Exploring a Discipline Theology & Religious Studies: Peace, Trauma and Religion Leadership Theology & Religious studies: Building Interreligious Relations

Wirtschaft, Handel, Management

 Accounting & Control Business Administration: Specialization in Financial Management Business Administration: Specialization in Human Resource Management Business Administration: Specialization in Management Consulting Business Administration: Specialization in Strategy & Organization Culture, Organization and Management Econometrics and Operations Research Economics Economics (MPhil) Finance Marketing Finance: Duisenberg Honours Programme in Quantitative Business Analytics Management, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences Chemistry & Physics: Science, business and innovation Entrepreneurship Business Administration: Duisenberg Honours programme in Financial Markets & Regulation Business Administration: International Management Business Administration: Leadership and Change Management Business Administration: Transport and Supply Chain Management Business Administration: Digital Business and InnovationFinance: Duisenberg Honours Programme in Finance and Technology