Erfahrungen zum Studium International Business an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

Oksana Timuka

Oksana Timuka gives us an Interview and told us about her study at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

The reason why I chose for IBMS at HZ was because first of all I like sea, and as I know German language I was thinking about studies somewhere near this language. Secondly the city is quite small, university also is small but very nice, I prefer small places where you know each other very well. HZ is a modern university, I like it very much.

I found about HZ via HAKES Latvia, it’s a company which helps students find their study choice abroad. I also have applied in Hanze university Groningen, UK university – Anglia Russkin University, but from all those schools I have chosen HZ, because it was the first school which has accepted me, so I decided to stay here.

So far I really enjoy my studies here, the teachers are very open and helpful, if I have some problems they will understand that and will try to help me. Study process also is very interesting, as we have a small groups, we can discuss a lot of thing.

But in fact that teachers are nice, they actually are also strict with us, they are nice, but if you want relationships like this you must study hard as well, because we have a lot of homework’s, but they are interesting and useful. It is hard, but if you want be successful in your life you must study hard as well.

Of course in the beginning my English was very poor, but as I speak all the time English I improve it very fast. Also the same thing I can say about studies, it was hard, yes. But as teachers understand that they explain all in a very easy language, thanks them for that.

In study process my plans are go to study exchange somewhere in USA or somewhere else, I think HZ offers a very good chance to fulfill a lot of dreams which will be useful in my future. Also in my plans are to do internship in a company which I will choose later.

Anyway I will never regret that I am here, if I will have a chance choose HZ again, I will definitely do it again, it is the most interesting 4 months in my life, I already have a lot of experience here and a lot of good memories.

We thank Oksana Timuka for sharing her experiences!