Erfahrungen zum Studium International Business an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

Hebert Reyes Torres

Hebert Reyes Torres gaves us an Interview about his study at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

My name is Hebert Reyes Torres, I am an international student in Hogeschool Zeeland's university, I came from the city of Pachuca in Mexico, I am finishing my studies in (IBMS) International business and management studies in HZ University of Applied Sciences, in Mexico I had been studying the career of Administration, for this reason it was possible to finish in Vlissingen my last year and get a double degree in the Netherlands.

The University of HZ is modern and the international environment is very nice because exist a great variety of different nationalities as China, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, India, and several more. To live together between the international students is very good, the majority of we live in the same zone of the city which facilitates the contact with other international students in this way you can pass good evenings with the friends, there exist different activities that we do as sports, and group dinners, in those cook some friends of the same country, clear after this the nights in Vlissingen are very entertained, there exist several places in which you can go out with the friends and spend a good time.

Vlissingen is a small place, the life is not expensive, and on the other hand everything stays very close just a few minutes in bicycle. If you want to travel around Europe there are a lot of services like the trains or ferry, which arrive directly to Vlissingen so is very easy to travel to other cities and even other countries.

My IBMS's career was very practical since the first semester of studies was in classes and the second semester I realized professional practices (internship), this gives me the opportunity to combine theory and practice. The subjects of the first semester were with a very relaxed schedule which gives to you the necessary time to realize team home works and to have the necessary time for extra-academic activities like the sports.

Personally this experience is unforgettable since I have passed very agreeable moments next to my new friends. I have learned too much from their cultures, it was one of my best experiences in my life. I am very satisfied to have chosen this school. Really there is a good international environment between all the foreign students, thanks HZ for this experience.

We thank Hebert Reyes Torres for sharing his experiences!