Erfahrungen zum Studium International Business an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

Elvijs Uzars

Elvijs Uzars gives us an Interview and told us about his International Business at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

My name is Elvijs Uzars, I am from Latvia ( Lettland). I am 20 years old. I am student of HZ University of Applied Sciences and study International Business & Management.
The main reason why I have chosen IBMS at HZ in Vlissingen was because the city is quite small. HZ is a modern university, almost in the middle of west Europe.
I found out about HZ University of Applied Sciences from the student recruitment company HAKES in Latvia. I took some after classes in English and did the TOEFL test.
I also applied in University of Aarhus in Denmark, but HZ was the right place for me, because of IBMS studies, which Aarhus did not offer. And because of study program, I may stay 1.5-2 years abroad to get bigger world wide experience it is amazing.
Applying to HZ is very user-friendly! Step 1. Go to, step2. Fill in the application form, step 3. Print the forms fill them in and step 4. Send them.
Accommodation is very easy to find with the company L`esscaut. But you can do it individually. There are some other cities close to Vlissingen that are interesting too. You can visit them easily by train or bus.
I have experienced a lot of things here in Vlissingen. Starting from doing all the things by myself like cooking etc. till founding my first company.
Dutch students and citizens are really friendly. I may say that the Netherlands is one of the friendliest countries in Europe. They do not care who you are, Russian, German, Latvian, and American. They will have the same attitude towards everyone.
For pupils from secondary schools I would advice first of all find out things you are really good at and things what you would like to do. What are your favorite subjects, interests? And are you ready for adult’s life, to take care of yourself? It is not easy sometimes but it is worth doing it, because after your studies you will be open for the job market. Do not hurry up with your decision. Think first, then do, because this is the basic step for your further carrier and life.
I would definitely recommend HZ, the arguments would be: High level of education, modern university, experienced lectors, nice class mates, international students. You can make friends from different nationalities and stay in good touch with them for rest of your life.
How do I see my future right now? Well, it is hard to say. First I try to finish the bachelor IBMS in 3 instead of doing it in 4 years.
This means that I will finish my first year and second year in only one year. After that, I have decided to do my exchange semester in USA in Texas state university. After that I plan to do my internship in an international company abroad: may be in Phillips or LG.
In the IBMS study at HZ praxis and theory go together – hand in hand.
This is the main reason why I like the study at HZ so much. You are studying theory in one subject but it could be that in the next day you need this theory to handle a real life problem in other subject. You are not just reading books and literature for for more knowledge and understanding only, but you will experience that you need this knowledge in practical situations, such as in our a student company. We have to found a real company and have to run it for a whole year by ourselves. In order to deal with all financial or managerial issues you see where you need your knowledge for. The student company is one of the
the best practical and real life experience so far.
The next thing is finding an internship in an international company. You can choose this company in a country you prefer, and HZ will help you to get it.
I think HZ will prepare me well for real life in the field of international business because of the combination of knowledge and practical skills.
It is quite hard to mention disadvantages; of course there are no utopias like city of Sun. Each university will have its own problems too, some teachers are better than others. But the personal contact is good with everybody.
Sometimes I think that I have many things to do, but generally it is ok, you just need to plan your homework and after school activities well and effectively.
Would I choose HZ one more time? Yes I would. And I can say thanks to HZ for new friends and all new nice experiences!

We thank Elvijs Uzars for sharing his experiences.