Erfahrungen zum Studium International Business an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

Dan Zhu

IBMS is a very interesting study programme. One course, which I particularly liked very much was the ‘Student Company’. In a group of six international students you have to run a real business. Some students will opt for the developing and marketing of a new product, others will market an existing product. Everyone have different position in the Student Company. All second year subjects are related to your Student Company. This is the best way to combine theory and practice. Because it is a real company, we have to sell shares to get money for investment. Our company product was a Digital Photo Frame. We purchased it from China. Our target was to sell at least 100 products during one academic year to meet our Break Even Point. Of course it is not easy to make profit, you have to work very hard with your team members. It was very difficult at the beginning, everyone worked hard not only during schooldays but also during holidays. We went to many towns and attended a lot of fairs to sell our product, and finally we reached our target. It was a lot of fun to work on a real project with students from different nationalities.

We thank Dan Zhu for sharing her experiences!