Erfahrungen zum Studium Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) an der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Sebastian Gerstner

Sebastian Gerstner studiert Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) an der VU Amsterdam und berichtet hier kurz über seine Erfahrungen.

There are a lot of different things that make VU Amsterdam so special and unique. First of all, it is located in one of the most beautiful cities of Northern Europe, Amsterdam. And , although there are plenty of things you could say about Amsterdam and VU, the mostimportant one is the way they complete each other. For me, VU mirrors the city of Amsterdam as beeing international, multicultural, modern, and open-minded. Further, both moved together from the traditional spirit of the past to a modern, progressive, and contemporary mindset. This is also embodied in the current environment that allows students and staff to act, think, and speak freely: which is especially important in my multidisciplinary program Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). To conclude, I believe that VU Amsterdam represents a unique and special guiding force towards the realization of my personal goals.