International Business and Management Studies-FH

Additional admission requirement: Your command of the English language should be at Proficiency level [e.g.TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.0] to allow you to interact and participate successfully in coursework. Foreign students wishing to follow a programme in Dutch must take a Dutch language proficiency exam.

Language: English

International Business and Management Studies
The increasingly global nature of trade and industry leads to greater international competition for large, middle-sized and small companies. A proactive organisation must therefore be able to collect and analyse foreign market-specific knowledge in order to take correct decisions about expansion. It must also be aware of international finance opportunities and political developments home and abroad.
In internationally oriented organisations, decision making is based on business administration and controlling, but also on awareness of cultural differences and a firm’s ability to adapt.

Openness to challenges, a critical mind and focus on results, excellent teamwork and self-management, intercultural discussion and negotiation skills - all these personal characteristics contribute to effective international business management.

Our education profile for your future
The most striking features of our IBMS study programme are:

  • it is international, both in educational contents and student population
  • the main phase is entirely in English
  • it is based on a combination of elements from the traditional economics programmes in the fields of finance, accountancy, sales, marketing and management
  • it focuses on international trade and commerce
  • it offers practical training in international companies

IBMS students graduate with a real international orientation. They will usually end up in one of the many different positions ranging from international account manager, PR-manager, product manager or sales and marketing manager, to international treasury manager or human resource manager. Some graduates prefer to start their own businesses or become consultants. What about you?

The Propaedeutic Phase of IBMS is offered in German or Dutch in combination with English language training or entirely in English. The language of instruction during the Main Phase and Graduation Phase of IBMS is English. We also offer the entire four-year IBMS-programme in the English language. This option is open to all non-Dutch/-German applicants.To participate in this course the above mentioned language skills (IELTS/TOEFL) are required. Please note that the start of the full English programme depends on a sufficient number of applicants, for further details and application please contact via e-mail

Registration procedures are uncomplicated and correspond approximately to those used at German universities. Pre-registrations will be accepted during the whole year. From now on, even if you don't have your certificate “Zeugnis der Fachhochschulreife” yet, you can still apply for the academic year 2012/2013, beginning in September. For an obliging registration, you simply have to submit your certificate later. You can download registration forms under:

Hai Versleyen
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Fontys International Business School Campus Venlo
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